About Us

We are two mid-thirties BFFFs who love blender drinks, rock collections, bad TV, and shoes. We are professionals, who conduct ourselves as such, and we like to make and occasionally eat the bacon. Oh yeah, and we can shake our guts like maracas.

Joolie has a 3 and a 4 year old. They are only 15 months apart, so it’s amazing she’s even still speaking.  Joolie is widely known as a pest and an evil genius.

Roolie has a 1 year old, and is considering taking up drinking heavily. Roolie is famous for her work in the area of jigs and wicked rampages.

Here are some other things to know:

  • What is a “toolie,” you might ask? Well, in short, back in our college days, Roolie had one of those Jamaican hair wraps. She was whipping her head around at a concert and it ripped off – it hit a guy in the face, and some incidents ensued, but that’s a story for another time.

    After the hair wrap ripped off, Roolie was left with a substantial cowlick. She asked Joolie to let he know when it was rearing its head. They came up with the code word “toolie” for this purpose, as in, “Check your toolie!”

  • Why did you start this blog, you might want to know? Joolie is a life-long insomniac. This became particularly challenging at one point. So, she decided to seek medical advice and was prescribed ambien. Her use was very short lived, but Roolie thought her texts were amusing, and decided to publish them here. This quickly sprouted into more, as we added comics and stories.

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